Branch Mission Statement

NATECLA (National Association for Teaching English and Other Community Languages to Adults) is a forum and professional organisation for language teaching professionals.

When you join NATECLA you become part of the community of ESOL and community language teachers in the UK and Ireland. With headquarters in Birmingham, NATECLA operates branches in Scotland, the North West, Yorkshire & the Humber, Wales, the Midlands, London and now on the Island of Ireland. Members are encouraged to be part of their local branch committees, to help inform and shape the future of the organisation. Branches also organise training events and workshops several times a year.

The IoI (Island of Ireland) Branch, which operates across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, aims to offer quality continued professional development (CPD) events all over the Island. We will be offering events in Northern Ireland in the first year and in the second year expanding to include the rest of the Island with an objective of working with a wide range of stakeholder organisations.

Our aim will be to build bridges across communities, organisations, colleges, schools, volunteer groups and individual teachers so as to provide them with workshops, CPD events and an annual conference. Events will be held across the Island so that all regions can benefit from these professional development events.